Ultra Portfolio MarginEra is Coming
The ELFi protocol has isolated & cross-margin models, USDT/USDC zero-risk and high-yield, and super portfolio heavy positions in LSD, opening a new era of DEX with the highest asset efficiency and powerful trading capabilities.

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Perpetual Trade
Ultra Portfolio: Boosts Flexibility, Lowers Risk.
Zero-Risk Stablecoin & High-Yield Coin Pools.
In future
More ways to earn
Experience Ultra Portfolio trading mode
Ultra Portfolio Trading Mode
Supports Multi-Assets Margin trading across various assets, such as BTC, ETH, SOL, holding coins can be traded as assets
Margin mode
Supports both full and isolated positions, This approach could off-set position PNL and assert volatility, reducing trading costs, enhancing capital efficiency, and improving risk management.
New Liquidity Pool
Based on token-based liquidity, we provide users with more competitive rates of return; and based on the liquidity of stable-coins, we ensure zero risk for stable-coin users
Continuous gains
Innovative Liquidity Pool
Choose high or stable returns. Supports LRT yield stacking.
Zero-Risk Stablecoin Pool
Offers robust stablecoin yields above DeFi standards.
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High-Yield Coin-Based Pool
Opportunities for high returns based on coin prices
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LRT Yield Stacking
Re-stake assets like stETH for additional gains.
*Asset support to expand progressively.
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Road map
Project officially launched. Seed funding round completed.
2024 Q1~Q2
Testnet launch completed.
Official multi-chain mainnet launch.
2024 Q3~Q4
Open derivatives protocol. Permissionless market & platform creation.
ELFi Protocol is backed by crypto's leading investment partners IDG Capital, KuCoin Ventures
KuCoin Ventures
Our Vision
Decentralization is an irreversible social evolution trend, and all cryptos can be traded
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